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I am writing this for my friend Hannah Anderson, who is trying to reach her cousins Sandy and Maureen McMillan. She has been writing them, the mail does not come back, so she's hoping it has been misdirected. Sandy and Maureen live(d) in Eastlake, East Kilbride, Scotland, UK. If anyone knows them or of them, please contact me via the address below. Hannah is originally from Glasgow.

Thank you, Mrs J Riley Cleveland, Ohio

If you have any information please contact

Hi , my name is Laurie Mackay, I attended Hunter High until 1969, left East Kilbride in 1981. would really like to get in touch with anyone . Especially Barbara Spence, Elizabeth or Myra Shields, Caroline Sallis.

Hoping to hear from any friends.

If you have any information please contact

Looking for Rose Marie and James Robertson who were married in Toronto, Canada in the seventies, they moved to East Kilbride soon after their marriage. They left behind a son Richard. Rose Marie was married to Army Armstrong (Queens Own Rifles of Canada). The Robertson's had or may still have a butchers shop in East Kilbride.

This is all the information, I have. Richard would dearly wish to make contact with his Mum. I am the contact for this request John Johnson of Bowmanville, Ontario.

If you have any information please contact

Looking for The Mackenzie Family (spelling may differ), The Stewart Family (spelling may differ) but who has a Grandmother or Greatgrandmother who's name was Margaret Leanord Law Kelly who died around 1967. She was born in Newmains Lanarkshire in around 1890.

We are researching our Family tree and have found that Family of Margaret Leanord live in East Kilbride She left Newmains around 1907 and went to Paisley to live, there she met and married a Mr Law but he died around the early 1920's. After he died she met and married a Mr Kelly (again, spelling may differ). They were married in a Church in Kinning Park around 1926. We think she had a Daughter or Granddaughter called Freda in the Family.

If you have any information please contact


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